Entrega | Roofing Logistics + Process Efficiency

Process Improvement Across Job Sites.

Domain Expert

This project was incubated by the leadership team at Feazel Roofing, a leading national roofing installation company, whose experience informed the product. At launch, the product was piloted and adopted nationally by the company.

What we did

UX/UI Design
Product Management
Web App Dev
iOS Dev
Android Dev

Relay’s role: a product team that shipped quickly and with discipline.


Roofing jobsites running out of supplies is an industry, leading to work stoppage, trip charges, and a cost of millions per year across the roofing industry.


We brought discipline to the build — aggressively downscoping the product to maintain ruthless focus on value. Then, we got to building a V1, which consisted of two sides—ordering and delivery/fulfillment—across web and mobile.


Entrega helps roofing companies save money by running jobsites more efficiently. The product is currently being rolled out across one of the nation’s leading roofing companies.